We manufacture Tasman Retaining walls products. The ViBlock Retaining Walls system incorporates purpose made corner and capping units to provide classical reconstructed sandstone retaining walls. The unique design of the Tasman wall system allows increased flexibility over competing products. 

The Tasman walls can be built almost vertical. Each block has only a 10mm setback, which allows all available space to be utilised to the maximum. Curved or straight walls can be erected, and it is easy to build 90-degree corners with the purpose made corner block. 

A capping unit is adhered to the top course of the blocks to finish off the wall. Tasman blocks are suitable for retaining walls up to 6 metres high. The blocks are easily dry-stacked and their patented design locks into the block above to form an attractive structural Retaining wall. 

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    Concrete Retaining Walls
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  • Colours: Natural, Autumn leaves, charcoal, Boulder
Features + Benefits
  • Concrete retaining walls are regarded as the most long term and durable retaining product.
  • Once the system is implemented little to no maintenance is required.
  • The interlocking mechanism allows for a 20 high to 1 long wall.
  • The blocks can be shaped to curve corners and steps as required
  • Provided installation guide is followed no concrete base is required.
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Viblock purpose is to bring high-quality masonry products to our customers. We operate out of two facilities in the South Island and have supplied products New Zealand wide. Viblock manufactures and supplies architectural masonry blocks, pavers and retaining walls. These are available in a range of attractive contemporary colours and have a wide variety of applications. 

Our masonry manufacturing facility is supplied from Central Otago gold tailings which provides a unique finish for our architectural products. Our products are independently tested to ensure they perform well above required standards.