The Vogue represents the pinnacle in contemporary pool design, making it the perfect centrepiece for your landscaped entertaining area. An entertainer's dream, with a bench seating area on one length-side of the pool.

Features & Benefits:

  • Centrally positioned entry steps and bench seat combine style and functionality.
  • The unique and elegant design offers something special for all ages.
  • An unobstructed swimming corridor for those who enjoy fitness and fun. 
  • With entry points from both sides, you can position this pool to suit your personal design.
  • Category
    Swimming Pools

Model: 10.2

  • Length: 10.2m
  • Width: 4.2m
  • Shallow end depth: 1.09m
  • Deep end depth: 1.93m

Model: 9.4

  • Length: 9.4m
  • Width: 4.2m
  • Shallow end depth: 1.09m
  • Deep end depth: 1.86m

Model: 8.2

  • Length: 8.2m
  • Width: 4.2m
  • Shallow end depth: 1.09m
  • Deep end depth: 1.75m

Model: 7.15

  • Length: 7.15m
  • Width: 3.6m
  • Shallow end depth: 1.09m
  • Deep end depth: 1.68m

Model: 7.15 Slim

  • Length: 7.15m
  • Width: 3.0m
  • Shallow end depth: 1.09m
  • Deep end depth: 1.68m
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About the

Compass Pools NZ sell self cleaning, fiberglass swimming pools with a lifetime structural warranty.

Compass Pools can help you transform your backyard into a resort-style oasis. When people dream of having a pool at home, they have visions of relaxing poolside and enjoying fun times in the sun with family and friends. What they don’t picture is any of the work that comes with looking after that pool.

With a Compass self-cleaning pool you can truly live the dream; your pool will always be ready to swim in, it will always look clean and inviting and you do not have to do any of the hard work! The Vantage self-cleaning system which is exclusive to Compass Pools has revolutionised residential pools by eliminating the need for manual cleaning or heavy robot cleaners. By using a unique circulation method these pools also use less chemicals and can reduce your power consumption too!

For over 40 years Compass Pools have been renowned for innovation in the fiberglass pool industry including:

  • The development of ceramic core technology makes our pools stronger and better suited to changing ground conditions.
  • The invention of biluminite colour systems which bring the pool walls and floors to life when filled with water.
  • Our patented hydrostatic relief system makes us the only pool manufacturer in the world to warranty against hydrostatic damage.
  • The invention of Maxirib technology means Compass Pools can be installed anywhere from hillsides to rooftops.
  • The ability to customise pools at the production process to include vanishing edges, pool and spa combos, acrylic windows and more!

Our network of authorised independent dealers is spread right throughout New Zealand and can help you design and build the ultimate pool space for your backyard.