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Fresh thinking, innovative products, expertise, and smart, passionate people mean our solutions meet your budget and your needs. The right advice, at the right time for your building, 2K Limited’s construction consultants work in all facets of building: residential, commercial and alterations. This team handles complex construction projects, big or small. 

Bringing the New Outlook on New Zealand Construction

Always on the lookout for innovations for great building projects, we’re bringing Thermeco, a world leading, global brand of clever windows to New Zealand. European engineered, thermally broken, energy efficient, simple yet beautiful, we have exclusive rights to manufacture and deliver this incredible, world-leading brand to Aotearoa.

Specializing in windows & doors created from Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Corten Steel.

Manufacturer of fine Windows and Doors

Years of engineering and design experience means the highly skilled team at 2K can bring a wide range of learning and collective knowledge to your building project. Regardless of whether your project is a small renovation or a new multi-million-dollar events centre, we can guide you through the complete architectural design process for your doors, windows and facade systems.

Lessen the load. We can take care of any concerns you may have during your construction process, however extravagant or straightforward your build may seem.

Our mission is to help our clients get the best out of their properties by providing professional advice from feasibility through design, consenting, production, procurement and project management.

Procurement Services

You’re building. You need quality, good value goods and you need assurance that timelines will be met. Construction has undergone widespread changes in the last decade, and as competition has intensified in the New Zealand market, procurement has come to play a more critical role in successful building. Our carefully managed procurement services for our products include budget planning and cost savings, and the delivery of our windows and doors to site when they should get there. 

Successful procurement goes beyond the mere acquisition of product. Our procurement experts provide a support structure for each construction project we undertake, so you can complete your build within the constraints of time, scope of work, and budget.

Procurement Beyond the Purchase Price

The global market means greater competition, and more opportunity to assess different products and their suppliers. Beyond price, suppliers should be evaluated for the value they bring. Bargain-basement prices are not the great deal they sound if the supplier cannot be relied upon for timely delivery or goods fail to meet basic New Zealand safety requirements.

Successful procurement is about getting the right specifications at the right cost. The devil is in the detail and our team of procurement experts has the experience and capability to ensure you get the best windows and doors for your build.

Facade Consultants and Building Envelop Specialist

The right advice, at the right time for your building, 2K Limited covers doors windows and facades from top to bottom: residential, commercial and alterations, handling complex construction projects, big or small.

One of NZ’s most trusted manufacturers of fine doors and windows, we can organise your entire facade systems, supply the architectural doors and windows or just get you that special something you need. Get in touch if you need our consultancy or procurement services. Please contact us for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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