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We Are The Leaders In The Commercial & Residential Tilings Services 

Founded in 2008, been tiling around New Zealand for commercial / residential. Specialized in tiling all sorts of tile indoor/outdoor, certified waterproofer, Screw jack / pedestil system installation, Plastering. We are working with the mission “Work together to get the best results and satisfaction.”  

If you are looking for a certified waterproofing and tiling contractor in Auckland, if you want the best services for your brand new apartment or commercial space, then your search pretty much ends here.

Damn Good Tiling Ltd. Is your one-stop destination for all kinds of tiling, waterproofing, screwjack/ pedestal system installation and plastering needs. If you are looking forward to these services, and all you want is authenticity, then we are at your disposal to ensure utmost satisfaction. We bet you will be awestruck by seeing how your own place has transformed!

Damn Good Tiling Ltd has been in business since 2008, and we have always made it a point to deliver the best possible services to our clients. We work in close association with our customers so that we can understand their needs and expectations to deliver to them exactly what they want. As commercial tiling contractor and waterproofing contractor, we provide a plethora of services in Auckland and across the suburbs.

The services that we offer include commercial tiling in Auckland, screeding, acoustic underlay, underfloor heating in Auckland, deck jack and waterproofing in Auckland. In Auckland, we are the premier service provider that will enable you to get these services at the best rates and assured satisfaction.

Damn Good Tiling only works with tradies with over ten years of experience so that we can give you the perfect outcome. In case you are still not convinced by our commitments or need some guidance, please feel free to contact us on our numbers or email ID so that we can assist you well. You can also send us a query by mentioning your contact details so that we can get back to you and solve your query.  

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