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  • We are DMA. We create carefully crafted architecture in NZ and abroad to seamlessly integrate people and place. 

    Daniel Marshall Architects (DMA) is an Auckland-based practice who are passionate about designing high quality and award-winning New Zealand architecture. Our work has been published in periodicals and books internationally as well as numerous digital publications, including ArchDaily.com – the world’s most visited architectural website.

    Daniel leads a core team of four individually accomplished designers who skillfully collaborate to resolve architectural projects from their conception through to their occupation. DMA believes architecture is a ‘generalist’ profession which engages with all components of an architectural project; during conceptual design, documentation and construction phases.

    We pride ourselves on being able to holistically engage with a complex of architectural issues to arrive at a design solution equally appropriate to its context (site and surrounds) and the unique ways in which our clients prefer to live.

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