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Founded in 1991 by Brent Hulena our practice is based in Parnell, Auckland.

Hulena Architects is a successful and innovative architectural practice producing a diverse range of architectural work across New Zealand and the Pacific.

Hulena Architects works across the spectrum of architectural design, including residential, commercial, apartment, hotel, medical and master-planned projects.

Such a variety of commissions ensures Hulena Architects remain challenged and committed to innovative design. The company’s unique, individual site-specific design solutions are the result of carefully interpreting clients’ requirements including a thorough exploration of the site potential.

Hulena Architects are proficient in all aspects of the Architectural processes, collaborating professionally with complimentary allied professionals to ensure successful integration of the various parts of the project.

Hulena Architects work has received numerous awards from the New Zealand Institute of Architects and has been published extensively both locally and internationally.

Repeat commissions from regular clientele and longstanding associations are evidence of the strength, relevance and success of our service to our clients.

We aim to provide strong, resolved and enriching architecture.

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