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JBG Landscape Architecture

JBG Landscape Architecture
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Creating enduring places, site-specific and contextual.  

JBGLA is a full-service landscape architecture practice catering to public and private clients, delivering urban landscape environments that range widely in scale, context and complexity.

What makes my work different

My first ten years of working life were spent as a tree planter in Canada, in a botanic garden in New Zealand and doing landscape construction in the U.K. and New Zealand.

I worked with my hands.

As a Registered Landscape Architect with a portfolio of successfully implemented projects in New Zealand and in Colorado, USA, I still draw on that early experience physically building landscapes.

It’s a solid foundation for practical but creative design decision making.

During nearly 20 years as a professional, I’ve been undertaken urban design, public art and placemaking projects from large scale community works through to intimate residential spaces. Projects that I designed have won awards in both New Zealand and Colorado.  


Collaborating with other design professionals including engineers, architects, planners and artists is how I successfully deliver good work. And without a doubt, there is always something to be learned from the skilled contractors who make the vision physical reality.

Private clients

In working with private clients there are often excellent opportunities to make their outdoor places artful extensions of their living space that exceed expectations. One of the most exciting aspects of this process are the unexpected ideas that arise through the design conversation, ideas that only seem to come up through brainstorming together. This begins with listening carefully to people’s aspirations for their property and then working together toward an outcome that does not just place-specific, but people specific.

Raison d'être

Creating enduring places that are site-specific and contextual, that exceed the expectations of the people who use them is what I see as the potential of landscape architecture. It’s what I continue to pursue in my work.

Public clients

Having worked for and with a range of government agencies, I have a good understanding of the realities of time and budget, and the need for clear and open communication. My experience working closely with other professionals such as surveyors, engineers and planners has created an appreciation for the excellent results that come from successful collaboration. I enjoy the challenge of creating places that add value to a community through a thorough consultation and well-considered design, followed up by thorough detailing and a hands-on understanding of how works get implemented.


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