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MacDirect in New Zealand's specialist in #1 building macrocarpa cypress timbers, including weatherboard, sarking, beams, framing (includes SG8) and finishing clears. MacDirect also operates the sawmill that takes raw product and creates stunning end user products and kitsets for the Urbanmac lifestyle and garden store. ​ MacDirect supplies all major timber merchants in New Zealand and direct to customers.

Macrocarpa and Lusitanica (cuppressus) are native trees of California and Mexico respectively. Common name is Monterey Cypress and Mexican Cypress. Most plantation Cypress grown in Northern NZ is Lusitanica. Also available in restricted supply is Lawson Cypress. All are structurally stable and strong and classed as moderately durable. ie Have a natural durability(no chemical treatment) similar to H3.1 treated Radiata pine.

MacDirect supplies products for the whole house build . From Framing (SG8 verified on request) cladding, paneling, flooring, and all joinery . Most prefer the distinctive natural look of knotty macrocarpa but clears are available especially in joinery. Large size beams/posts up to 400x400 can be supplied.

A pre-coating service in a quality penetrating woodoil is available and we strongly recommend this for decking in particular but also for cladding. Macrocarpa can be painted traditionally.

Cypress (known in NZ as Mac) historically proven, now rediscovered by the discerning designer/builder. 

Urbanmac is a brand that has become synonymous with quality, high grade, durable garden and lifestyle products. From Raised Gardens, to Chunky Outdoor Tables, Compost Bins, Sandpits and stunning kitchen and indoor timber products. Urbanmac is where we drive kitset products to you direct and provide a fast online system that allows you to purchase products that 1000s of kiwis already own and enjoy. So check out our shop right here.

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