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  • ProConsult is here to help owners and developers to deal with your building dreams and nightmares. Our structural engineering business is built around the client. We will advise you with competence, understanding Councils' compliance environment, maximising efficiencies on your project and supplying a workable and affordable solution.

    We are a boutique Auckland-based structural engineering consultancy, mainly providing for residential housing. We can supply architectural designs, drafting and plans. We're also experienced with forensic building analysis and specialist engineering advice for various sectors.

    Do you want to alter or re-clad? Need retrospective consent? Or are you in the commercial or industrial fields? ProConsult has experience with large corporates in difficult environments including asbestos, salt/wet, tanks, towers and silos. If you need an engineering specialist to survey, recommend and write a report on high-rise or multi-units, ProConsult has experienced personnel in all these fields.

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