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    At Rubix Design Collective, we are passionate about interior design and how a space can be transformed and the response created through its use. An appreciation of the diverse design styles reflected through history, in architecture, global culture, furniture trends, styles and materials available, allow us to be innovative while looking to provide a twist by modifying or re-using an element, in a different capacity back into the design.

    - Rachael Hackett-Jones, Interior Designer

    Spatial planning is key to good design flow, and an essential component we work through with you, while future-proofing your needs.

    Custom designed elements are also key components providing you with unique and personalized spaces. We enjoy working with you through the kitchen and cabinetry design process while sourcing additional elements that are complementary.

    Good design and its practicality are equally important to us, and we look forward to working alongside you to achieve this.

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