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Creators of unique handcrafted furniture for those who recognise and appreciate the best in creativity, design and quality. Here at Stables Furniture our fine craftsmen and designers work using the best of modern technology combined with traditional craftsmanship to create inspiring furniture.

We are a family business with over 25 years of knowledge and skill in the business of making high-quality pieces.

Paul Stables is the leading master-craftsman and established the business with his wife, and business manager, Robyn. Paul has developed his techniques both offshore and in New Zealand, passing on his skills as a teacher to others in the industry.

Paul offers his clients individually crafted pieces, which reflect the integrity, character and individuality of both its commissioner/owner and the artisan. His meticulous work ensures quality and epitomises the very best in craftsmanship.

You will find Paul's work in some of Auckland's finer homes as well as the hotels, boardrooms and offices of those who like to make a statement and value outstanding work.

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