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Designing with clay brick is enjoying an international renaissance and we are reminded that bricks have always been the material of choice for the discerning. While many know that brick is a beautiful, authentic and timeless product, some may be unaware of just how advanced the brick industry is in green building design and sustainability.

The Brickery is the next chapter in the Austral Bricks and Monier Bricks joint venture. We’re proud to present a design-driven collection of clay bricks sourced from around the world. 

Bricks are Individuals

Born in a kiln, our clay bricks are made from naturally occurring minerals. There will be variations from brick to brick and batch to batch. It is essential that current physical samples are viewed to get a true indication of colour and character, before making your final selection.

Embrace the colours, shapes, styles and textures of clay bricks as no two bricks are the same. 

Specialised kiln settings create beautiful flares, bars and dramatic colour ranges within batches of clay bricks.

Colour and texture variation is inherent in the process and part of the appeal.

A vitreous coat opens up a world of colour possibilities.

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