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The inde Project is a boutique business specialising in Interior Architecture & Design.

Inde create spaces for working, eating, shopping, living, and learning. 

We create new spaces by interpreting a client's vision / a culture / a brand / an idea and design it into a tangible space. We’re about transforming the intangible into the tangible. An idea into a Space. 

Or maybe you have an existing space that needs life breathed into it. We’re about optimising a spatial experience.  Thoughtfully designing to increase productivity, interaction & an experience. 

And most definitely, we are about creating a beautiful space.


Inde offer interior design services for any new or existing interior space you can think of... hospitality, workspaces, retail, education and residential projects.   

The inde Project can offer the full design, documentation and project management package, or simply help with the concept! Our team is fully experienced in space planning, detailing, drafting plans for building consent and construction, through to furniture sourcing, pricing and project management.

Spatial design is what we’re passionate about.

So get in touch about your space!


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