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  • We design Passive House (Passivhaus) and Low-Carbon buildings: better comfort & health, lower energy use/bills, lower carbon emissions/footprint
  • We provides specialist High-Performance Low-Carbon consulting services in collaboration with other architects & designers: Energy modelling, high-performance detailing, Passive House (Passivhaus) consulting/modelling, LCA modelling/reporting

VIA architecture is a specialist Passive House architectural practice formed in 2016 by Elrond Burrell.

We believe in transforming your quality of life, via architecture.

We do two things:

  1. Design high-performance homes. Think “Porsche” for houses. Beautiful, modern, world-class comfort, world class energy efficiency. The best technology under the hood.
  2. Support other architects designing high-performance architecture. Not every architect has the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to deliver high-performance design. We’re the specialists, we bring it to them.

We use the international Passive House (Passivhaus) standard and design methodology to design high-performance architecture.  We transform your quality of life by designing a home that provides optimum living conditions with minimal energy costs.

Most NZ houses, even expensive high-end award-winning houses, have poor-quality indoor air, are cold and draughty in winter and too hot in summer. You pay for a Porsche but only get the performance of a typical runabout.

For your health and quality of life, your home should have excellent indoor air quality, should be draught-free, and should be pleasantly warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. And it should cost next to nothing to keep it that way.

A high-performance Passive House home ensures you get the satisfaction of enjoying the best quality of life.

We are based on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Wanaka and work nationally. Please give use a call or email to see if we're a good fit for you and your project.

VIA architecture is a Practice member of the NZIA and a Silver Member of PHINZ.

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