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Albany Bupa

An example of commercial landscaping at its finest with this landmark project in one of Bupa’s Retirement villages. We provided Bupa’s Retirement & Care division with a customized approach to its newest facility in Albany. With a focus on creating multiple easy accesses to several enjoyable outdoor spaces, we designed, built and currently maintain these stunning gardens for the residents. Spanning multiple sections, including an enclosed patio in the dementia area, gives this unique project a versatile edge. Accessibility and Safety were top of mind throughout the complete design process.

One-level surfaces, non-slip materials on paths, ease and comfort on walking routes, and enough shelter and protection from rain and sun, are just a few elements showing that this garden has a very people-focused-design approach. Meandering your way through all the unique sections of this Bupa retirement village allows the residents to enjoy the gardens while feeling safe and at home.

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Bupa Retirement Village

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