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Alpine Terrace, Wanaka

The Pacific thermal suite with the capability of adding triple glazing is a real benefit to our home and comfortable family living.” - Alpine Terrace, Owner

Building in Central Otago is not for the faint-hearted where temperatures range from -10 to 35 degrees. For the owners of Alpine Terrace, building a holiday home in Wanaka was always the dream, and the right window and door solutions key to the temperature ranges experienced.

With a massive trend towards large oversized glazing to take advantage of the spectacular mountain and lake views, this had to be balanced with the home having high thermal performance.

The living spaces have 90% glass area so the best thermally performing New Zealand aluminium window system was chosen. The Pacific Thermal Suite by Altus Windows with double Low E, double Argon, triple glazing with R1.81 through the 46mm units and R1.53 through the 38mm sliding doors.

There were a number of elements that helped increase performance and efficiency. The home incorporated 1500mm wide eaves to control overheating in summer.

The home orientation is north / west facing to capture sun and views. A thermally broken slab was used along with 140mm framed walls with R4.0 batts, 200mm Bondor panel roof with an R6.6 performance, 46mm thermally broken window units with an R1.81, 38mm thermally broken door units with an R1.53 - all joinery incorporated airtight seals for maximum performance.

The home uses solar heat gain to heat the house and the increased R value reduces the heat loss once the sun goes down. The inside surface temperature of the triple glazing is a lot warmer, so doesn’t create natural convection by drawing the heat to the cold glass and then being lost through the glazing.

Too often projects wanting the best views to end up having thermal performance compromised, but this home clearly demonstrates with careful consideration of materials and design - you can have your cake and eat it too!

Overall the project was a success, providing all year round performance in summer and winter. As a family, it’s a wonderful space to engage with each other in maximum comfort whilst enjoying the window onto Mother Nature outside, effortlessly letting her in at will. Passers-by are struck by its presence from the road frontage, and those lucky enough to see “behind the scenes” are in awe at the approach, workmanship and views.

Location - Wanaka
Architect/ Designer - Johnston Architects
Builder - Level construction
Fabricator - E13 Windows
Suites/ Products - Pacific Thermal Suite
Industry Sector - Residential 

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