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Rangi Kahu, Wanaka

Designed by architect, James Stockwell, and built-in Queensberry Hills, Wanaka by Nick Mizzi, sits a house that just oozes an intergalactic wow factor. This is a house that no other window manufacturer wanted to touch. It was just too complicated. We saw that as a challenge and met with the owner and architect to discuss how we could help make their vision a reality.

The result is a house that effectively has glass for all its external walls. It’s 80% glass and the rest of the structure leans against the ground. It’s a sight to behold. Inside and out, all of the angles immediately strike you. It’s breathtaking. The roof structure alone was a monumental task for the builder, Nick Mizzi, who has done an exceptional job here and deserves a lot of credit for the fine result produced for the client on behalf of their architect.

This was a project that required serious know-how and expertise to pull off. The complexity of the window joinery had to be measured precisely to the mm, then drawn upon CAD for manual job sheets. Fabrication had to be kit set for easy onsite assembly. The large front window had to be completely made up and assembled on site. All mullions are positioned directly in front of the steel structure.

The client wanted double glazing only but after assessing that with the incredible amount of glass in the house -- essentially all of the external walls, with the rest of the house packed against the ground -- triple glazing was the only sensible option. We used Pacific Thermal Suite with Double Planitherm XN Low E Triple Glazing. 

Location - Wanaka
Architect/ Designer - James Stockwell
Builder - Nick Mizzi - Spearhead Developments
Fabricator - E13 Windows
Suites/ Products - Pacific Thermal Sutie
Industry Sector - Residential 

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