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ANZ 205 Queen Street

The ANZ branch at 205 Queen Street occupies a special place in the Bank’s branch network. Established originally in 1989, the buildings on this block were developed by a joint venture including the National Bank as a part of the drive to secure premium branch sites.

The new brief from the ANZ called for a high level of technology to be incorporated, both at the actual customer interface and in the general marketing presentation. Advanced technology ATMs and teller cash recycling units are utilized to facilitate transfers of cash and internet banking terminals are provided. Large screen video displays and video projection onto glass surfaces are used to communicate messages to customers and passers-by. A raised floor throughout allows ease of installation of new technology in any location as new devices become available.

The interior design is a development of the new-branch standard to raise the quality perception of ANZ branches using warm tones and natural finishes to complement the corporate blue of the Bank. The branch emphasises the vertical timber battens, as a strong interior element, wrapping around the newly formed customer space at high level and defining this space with a highly textured, warm, natural and high quality surface.

The timber tones are complemented by the brown carpet tones and the natural colours of the photo-mural. This again is a development of the natural photo-scene used in standard new-builds, but used here at a much larger scale.

ASC Architects have made a more dramatic use of the standard elements to reflect its premium size and location in the centre of New Zealand’s most important city.

Photography: Mark Scowen - Intense Photography

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