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Bespoke Transformation

The owners of this 1980’s plaster home loved everything about it – the size, the layout, the stunning harbour views and the great location and neighbourhood – everything, except the 1980’s plaster exterior, and the fact that it leaked!

The architectural transformation of this home is testament to good design, detailed specification and the builders craftsmanship and attention to detail. Not only was there considerable rebuilding of the structure but the roof, windows and cladding were completely replaced. A large, cantilevered extension to the kitchen/dining provides for an enhanced outdoor living area both upstairs and downstairs. New kitchen, bathrooms and laundry completed the comprehensive modernisation of the interior. The sophisticated exterior was complemented with revived plaster walls, drive and landscaping and the retention of the glass bricks as a link to the past.

The owners love the increased ambience and comfort of their new home and the security of knowing that they no longer have to be concerned with weather tightness or structural issues enhances their enjoyment. They are delighted that the restoration of the house has not only improved their living conditions but has also improved the value of the property.

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