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Blackwells Holden & Mazda Showrooms

The Blackwells complex consists of two new car showrooms (Holden and Mazda) abutting an existing warehouse which has been converted to a shared workshop.

The site is new to the client after losing their central city dealership to the earthquakes and their old site air marked for the new stadium.

The south facing site had its challenges regarding heating solutions but allowed for extensive glazing for display facing busy Moorhouse Ave, without overheating and glare from northern sun light.

The two showrooms have been designed as sister buildings, similar but with their own personality’s.  Holden being softer with Beige exterior finishes and timber elements internally, Mazda is stark and tech with White, Grey and Metal finishes.

Floor levels were elevated to give the buildings more visibility to moving cars.

Mezzanine floors float lightly within the overall internal volume, fully glazed overlooking the ground floor showroom spaces to allow staff occupying the Mezzanine to still feel engaged with the sales space.

Signage was carefully controlled throughout the design so as not to dominate the architecture, this was key to the layer roof and floor design, as Holden’s Standard signage model is a complete perimeter 1200mm high ribbon, this was reduced (after months of discussion with Holden NZ) to in smaller signage in the glazed façade.

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