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Iron & Bold Bathroom

This is an apartment bathroom with strong, detailed features. Neolith 'Iron Cortex' and Quantum TDM 'Patagonia' stone make a bold and colourful statement paired with aged iron fittings and fixtures. The bathroom was redesigned with a large two-dumper shower, two heated towel rails, and a wall hung vanity and toilet to reveal more space. The result is spacious and rich in texture, warm and inviting in the interior of the penthouse. 

Photography credit: Jeff McEwan - Capture Studios

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Simple yet elegant vanity set up, with a stunning light fixture from Hinkley Vaughn.
A rectangular vessel basin sits atop the oak two-drawer vanity.
Aged iron towel rail bar is mounted to the side of the vanity for best access.
Aged iron basin mixer sits perfectly alongside the Patagonia tile.
Aged iron wall mounted soap dispenser keeps the counter top clear.
A large shower and two dumper heads, means two shower mixers. Mounted alongside each other for quick access from the sliding door opening.
Sleek cut out instead of handles for the shower doors.
Luxurious aged iron shower dumper and rail.
Slimline toilet with in-wall cistern and aged iron mechanical flush plate.
Gorgeous rusty Iron Cortex Satin stone, cut into tiles for the shower and bathroom floors, and also the skirting to the bathroom.
Seamless tiled floor transition to the engineered timber in the hallway.
A beautiful marriage of materials and detailed textures.
Patina on the shower dumper and slide shower.
Aged iron heated towel rail and toilet roll holder.
And an aged iron wall mounted soap dispenser to match.