Boyce House - Stephan Meijer Architecture | ArchiPro

This house is a truly Passive solar designed house. The main design challenge was the site being very steep combined with a very narrow right of way to the property. To design a near level car entry into the garage, the right balance had to be found between the house level and the position on the site. Also a 4m wide non building zone is located to the north east of the site.

Initially we positioned the garage below the house to have private car access to the unit below, as there is a road below the section, but this access proved to be too costly due to the steepness of the land. Another disadvantage would be having to climb a full set of stairs to enter the house. (client wanted to have the main living on the top story. So therefore we opted to have the access from the top and have the garage on the top floor.

The garage is lifted half a level from the living areas to find the right balance between front yard space, cuts and fill areas. The access from the garage into the main living areas is therefore 8 steps down. We created enough flat space to accommodate at least 4 cars in the front yard.

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