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Britomart Green Wall

At the time of install this greenwall was the largest in New Zealand, comprising of 60 custom-made panels.

Client: Cooper & Company

The greenwalls feature a custom designed planting palette that has a combination of native and exotic species chosen for their low light and maintenance requirements. A collection of flowering plants provide seasonal variety, and have been specially chosen to ensure falling drifts of petals don’t stain the steel grey tiles below.

The overall composition was influenced by the shadows that fall on the wall during the day, with repetition of planting patterns loosely referencing those found in traditional Maori carvings.

Of Note:

  • As the walls are only 120mm deep, containing an inert medium as opposed to soil, they can be easily fixed into the atrium’s existing stud pattern.
  • The walls’ 60 custom made panels had to be carefully installed by Natural Habitats using a building maintenance unit and abseiling equipment.
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