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Caldwell Lane

Located on the lower slopes of the Cashmere hills, the design brief from this family called for a new house that was modest, yet well detailed both spatially and materially, making the best of a compact site left derelict following the Christchurch earthquakes.  The house was to embrace its location on the edge of a small public reserve and expansive treetop views to the Southern Alps, enhancing the connection to nature.

Our response is a composition of simple, uncluttered block forms interlinked and cut open to expose the interior spaces to the adjacent reserve and views beyond.  Cedar was employed as a singular cladding material with forms separated and defined by varied textures and a mix of natural tones and bold whites.

The built forms evolved from both client brief and constraints imposed by height and containment rules.

The home responds to the site with a large open face to the northwest, and embraces the adjacent public space rather than hide from it.  Landscaping migrates into the reserve blurring the distinction between private and public, while modest screening is employed to create pockets of privacy.

The rich palette of cedar is brought into the house retaining a material consistency where objects slide over and into each other.  Inside follows outside in both texture and colour.

Living is open plan and relaxed.  Extensive Northwest glazing floods the space with light, while large sliding doors can be pushed back to break down the distinction between inside and out.

This light filled space is the hub from which the bedroom and bathroom spaces are accessed.

The modernist ethos of the design follows through with crisp detailing incorporating steel framed windows and downpipes concealed behind rain screens

This is a comfortable, warm home that answers to all facets of the original brief.

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