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Carfinance247 Call Centre

Founded in 2006 by brothers Reg and Louis Rix, Carfinance247 is one of Manchester’s fastest-growing businesses and is recognised as UK's No.1 car finance broker. At the heart of the successful business is the open plan call centre. As the business expanded it soon became apparent that the fast-paced, busy sales environment produced excessive levels of noise, making it difficult for advisors to communicate with customers over the phone. Due to the potentially negative impact on staff and the business, Carfinance247 approached Autex Acoustics for expert advice on workplace acoustics and acoustic solution.

Autex Account Manager Dan Black worked closely with Carfinance247 to deliver a unique and personalised acoustic solution for the noisy open-plan office. Seven Eclipse style Lattice acoustic baffles in cool Falling Water colour were suspended throughout the office, while 86m2 of 50mm thick Quietspace® Panel were direct fixed to the ceiling for increased acoustic performance. These products were selected because of their superior functionality, performance and aesthetics – in particular, the unique style of the Lattice which created eye-capturing features.

Lattice was strategically placed above working spaces in order to acoustically shield specific areas by reducing reverberated noise and controlling the echo of background chatter, in turn increasing speech intelligibility. Lattice is a decorative and functional acoustic absorption system ideal not just for the office, but also for educational, retail, hospitality, and commercial interiors. Highly durable and providing long-term stability and performance, the Lattice range are unique artistic features designed with sustainable acoustic control in mind.

Quietspace® Panel in a neutral white colour was also installed to complement the acoustic properties of Lattice. Further enhancing the acoustic balance throughout the office, Quietspace® Panel was direct-fixed to the ceiling for discreet yet highly effective acoustic absorption. 50mm Quietspace® Panel was a suitable choice as it performs across a large range of frequencies including high, mid and lows, creating an ideal environment for conversations and localised activities. Quietspace® Panel is a non-intrusive yet premium sound-absorbing solution for both walls and ceilings alike and can even be suspended allowing for complete creative flexibility.

Prior to the installation of Autex acoustic products, advisors often complained about the excessive noise levels making it difficult to speak with customers, causing strain on their voices and hearing. This resulted in hampered staff performance and reduced the service level they were able to provide to their customers. 

Post-installation of Lattice and Quietspace® Panel, staff found the office environment significantly calmer and advisors are now able to comfortably and productively converse with customers. Carfinance 247 founder and Managing Director Reg Rix has nothing but positive feedback, agreeing that all sales/call centre environments would benefit from the acoustic properties Autex products provide and that they found working with Autex “to be seamless and would recommend Autex to others”.

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