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Think and Shift

Holistic design studio Think and Shift are award-winning spatial and product designers who deliver exceptional results. One of their recent projects involved the retrofit of their own Auckland-based studio ‘The Aviary’. The vision for this project was to design a functional studio space shared by multiple creative businesses; somewhere they could work creatively, meet with clients and have a lot of fun.

Creating a lively space for work and play - acoustic balance, greenery, and a contemporary tone were important aspects of this project. Sound transfer, in particular, needed to be reduced in areas such as the meeting room.

With wooden floors and concrete walls, sound travel and reverberation were an issue. Spatial Design Lead and Co-Founding Director at Think and Shift, Sam Griffin, approached Autex for an acoustic solution. Working with Autex Account Manager Lacie Hutchinson, Autex Cube™ was the ideal acoustic solution for the studio due to its high-performing acoustic qualities, contemporary aesthetic, and design capabilities.

16.43m2 of Cube™ in Autex colours Savoye and Flatiron was used to create several bespoke acoustic items throughout the studio. The application included two large hanging doors, suspended baffles, pinboards, light shades, and visual dividers.

The two large hanging doors made of Flatiron coloured Cube™ were used to partially separate the Aviary’s meeting room from the lively collaborative studio. The doors were suspended on industrial castors for the ability to simply slide doors closed for acoustic shelter without completely closing off the meeting area.

18 bespoke-shaped baffles made of Savoye coloured Cube™ were suspended in the meeting room to provide further acoustic balance as well as add a contemporary feature to the space. Suspended at different heights for a targeted acoustic solution; the baffles provide effective sound absorption on all surfaces of the baffles whilst complementing existing design elements.

Pinboards, light shades and visual dividers in both Flatiron and Savoye coloured Cube™ were also strategically placed throughout the studio for complete acoustic balance and aesthetics.

The result of the combined application of bespoke Cube™ features throughout the studio was a highly functional space with unique aesthetic features evoking a sense of creativity – a lively space for work and play. The Think and Shift group is very pleased with the retrofitted studio; Sam Griffin commented that “Working in the space myself, I can say we nailed the brief”.

Cube™ is a lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel with premium sound-absorbing properties. Offering complete creative flexibility; Cube™ can be utilised in a large array of spatial design and interior solutions as a decorative and functional acoustic wall covering creative medium and standalone feature. Cube™ is available in 12 vibrant colours and ideal for but not limited to application in commercial, educational and retail interiors.

 Photography provided by Think and Shift

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