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Carter Reid Bach

Te Modular is our thinking on the ‘kitset’ bach notion, compiled of 2 structures, namely the living pavilion and the bathroom drum. The relationship between these structures depends entirely on the site. Boardwalks and landscaped steps can be employed to connect the structures.

TeModular was developed during the height of the GFC, when a number of people approach Herbst Architects for a bach design within a small budget.
Our response was to explore 2 main avenues, firstly the idea of a repeatable set of drawings, to spread the cost of our service over a number of builds, secondly to control size while still providing what we consider to be the essentials for a magical holiday shelter.

The intention of Te Modular was not to develop a kitset or “flatpack” building that could prefabricated, but to develop a design for a bach that distilled all of our thinking into a small bach model that could be repeated on most sites, with only minor modifications to the foundations. The construction of which would be done in the traditional way by a builder local to the area.

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