Located in Murray’s Bay, Auckland, this 1980’s plaster clad house was in dire need of a re-design inside and out.  With a strong focus on the seamless integration of the house within its immediate environment, the clients requested a contemporary design that utilised texture and rhythm of cladding with an interior that evoked feelings of light and airiness, emblematic of modern day living.

The design solution resulted in a natural slatted timber cladding that was varied in alignment to best highlight specific features of the house whilst creating texture and depth devoid of monotony. To add further interest to the existing form, an extrusion of the master bedroom defined the internal space externally, whilst offering another undulation to the staggered street front façade.

Internally, the existing ground floor felt restricted and incommodious with low ceiling heights and narrow circulation routes. The new design sought to re-engage the main living and kitchen area with outside through the addition of multiple thresholds to the terraced courtyards and side yard, and increased ceiling heights granting generous glazing opportunities.  

Glazing and daylighting were an important design element for this particular project; therefore large windows were employed at any opportunity. The focal point of the front façade and central vertical circulation core utilises elongated windows to provide the house with substantial natural daylight. The use of vertical windows and vertical weatherboards on the exterior of this core divides the two adjoining horizontal elements of the house and delivers a contemporary design.

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We believe that our fresh approach to design, and our ability to remain pragmatic during all aspects of a project differentiates us from our competitors. This synergy makes us an attractive proposition to build not only great buildings, but also great relationships with our clients and our industry partners.

We foster autonomy within our practice, while we work in a team environment we encourage and empower individuals within the team. Everyone within our team has something to contribute, providing a culture that values openness and critical thinking.

This ensures that we have a more innovative and robust design process.

With the right team, not only is anything possible, but more importantly, the journey from inception to execution is hugely enjoyable.