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Datacom - Auckland

Consolidating Datacom’s 5 Auckland office's into one cohesive location, dissolving silos and encouraging cross-communication.  

Datacom Group Limited is an Information Technology Services Company that designs, builds and runs IT systems and processes for businesses. The company was started in New Zealand in 1965 and has expanded to operate in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the USA and the UK, employing 4,880 people across 30 offices globally


Location: Auckland 

Scope: Interior Design - Hard & Soft Fit-out

Size: 11,000sqm

Sector: Corporate office

Delivered: 2017

Create a vibrant centre bringing together localised neighbourhoods that promoted wider socialisation across floors and departments.

• Open-plan environment without offices 

• Change management and a shift in working style 

• Presentation area to accommodate 200 people 

• ‘Friday zone’ to enhance culture 

• Collaboration and networking areas 

• Versatile team areas based on key functions & working styles

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