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The brief called for a spiritual refuge for the owners of the house and their guests. The dramatic isolation of the site afforded unrestricted openness in design, allowing a seamless connection with the exterior, taking up 360-degree views of the landscape.

The temple-like pavilion sits long and low on the site; simplicity is key: the knife-edge roof is cantilevered from slender steel posts, and anchored to a masonry spine that continues through to the subfloor. The plinth both elevates the house to the views, and permits access to concealed services below.  

A sheltered courtyard provides refuge from the elements when required, with an open fire and access to kitchen and other service areas: the gym, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Rahimoana, meaning sun god over the sea, reflects and embraces the views, the horizon and the sea with a delicate simplicity of form, structure and materials.

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