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A series of Pavilions – enclosed spaces, outdoor rooms and transitional spaces – linked with a covered boardwalk. The boardwalk has a slatted timber roof with glazing above, giving a dappled light condition through the length of the house.

The forms to the beach front are long and low, and broken through the ‘boardwalk’ zone, presenting sensitively to the beach. The street elevation is higher, allowing connections to the water and the enclosed courtyard, for the upper level.

The house is designed to operate at two scales: The front (beach) zone functions as a self contained house, for use when two people are in residence. When the extended family is staying, the back half of the house can be opened up. Both zones function independently and together.

The material palette is restricted, with natural finishes: timber, concrete, pre-weathered zinc.

Concrete panels anchor the building, giving a feeling of permanence and solidity in a harsh coastal environment. The pre-cast concrete panels compliment the zinc and timber detailing, giving a sense of refinement that contrasts against the more rustic landscaping elements, with ‘off the boards’ concrete walls and bandsawn timber elements.

Cabinetry elements are refined, plywood timber and polished stone, against tile and concrete walls.

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At the heart of the process is the collaboration between the client and the architect. At Crosson Architects we create – and the process is vigorous and robust, rich and rewarding. Amongst other elements, we consider the physical, psychological and spiritual – achieving an outcome that is unique and life-enhancing.

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