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Falls Estate Units

Project Type: New Commercial Build
Project Description: Consisted of two stages including 27 units for a Retirement Village.
Date of Commencement: May 2016
Completion Date: October 2017

We were contracted to complete Site Management as well as Carpentry works for Stages 1A (14 units) & 1B (13 units) of the Falls Retirement Village in Whangarei.  The Site Management included the co-ordination of the different contractors as well as overseeing Carpenters to complete the work to a high standard and within tight timeframes.  We were also responsible for purchasing materials and ensuring the programme was on track.

This project was one of the largest our company has completed to date both in size and duration. In order to complete this project, we employed more local staff which required our administrative systems to meet the requirements of a large scale project.

Innovation was required at pre-floor stage. The original design required some slabs to be poured individually to enable constructions joints. We investigated alterative options that would enable us to complete large concrete pours at one time whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete floor design. This saved the project a lot of time and meant we were able to achieve target programme dates.

Throughout the duration of the project we had to consider the effects of construction works to the existing residents in the complex. This required us to work within certain time limits in any given day. Also, on both stages, we had to prioritise certain units so that residents could move in to the complex while we were completing the remaining units. This occurred in both stages and was challenging to co-ordinate.

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