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Building with a conscience 


We have recently completed our first Formance™ house in Blenheim built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional framing and insulating. The panels are made of solid polystyrene sandwiched between 2 sheets of OSB, creating superior insulation with near-zero air leakage to maximise the performance of the building envelope.


The panels are all produced to size, significantly reducing the building waste onside and making the building process more efficient. Due to its air-tightness, the home requires lower levels of energy to heat and cool, decreasing our impact on the environment and offering a healthier living environment for kiwis. 


The solid, warm feel of the house is complemented with the use of PVC Tilt and Turn Joinery from NK Windows, offering improved security, noise reduction and thermal efficiency. 


The stunning Concrete Walls finished with Douglas Fir grain add great character to the interior and exterior design, making the whole house not just feel great, but also look amazing. 

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Fairfield Construction is a family owned and operated building company based in sunny Blenheim, Marlborough.

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Our aim is to build beautiful homes, that are warmer and healthier, and which people will still love in a hundred years.

By using high-performance and environmentally friendly building products, and minimising our waste on-site, we can create homes that are better for our clients and the environment. 

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