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Tempe Garden Dwelling

The Tempe Garden Dwelling was conceived as a secondary home in order to exploit the increasing trend of dual occupancy. Cradle Design worked closely with builder to create a building design that maximised the allowable building envelope permissible under the local planning controls. The building form echoes a simplistic vision of a traditional dwelling with gable ends, a dual-pitched roof and a regular rectangular plan form.

A simple palette of materials from inside to out informs the design, providing a simple, clean modernist aesthetic, allowing the mind to rest and absorb the clean geometric and sometimes dynamic lines on the interior. Exposed structure informs the user of the building’s integrity and honesty. Wherever possible, materials were recycled and reused – external cladding from a salvage yard, balustrades formed out of reinforcement mesh and faucets fashioned out of plumber's copper piping.

​Photography: Built Complete 

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