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Villa Rosa

A key feature of this project is the three distinct modes that also automate certain daily events for the homeowner. The client wanted to have the gate open or closed at certain times of the day – only when in home mode and for it to automatically happen. The west facing blinds automatically shut at 4PM each day to protect against the glaring sun. Loggia skylights open automatically in the afternoon if the house gets above a certain temperature. The skylights will also stay shut if it’s raining. Heated towel rails are timed to come on twice a day at key times to help dry the towels, but remain an energy efficient feature of the home.

Night mode can also be activated from the bedside – this swaps the homes lighting sensors to nightlights. Day mode is then reactivated by a certain time in the morning, unless the homeowner turns it back on.

Holiday mode turns off all the lights, closes the blinds and curtains and retracts the awning, along with turning off gas fires and other controlled devices. The heating is put into frost protection mode and all schedules are postponed until the house is put into Home mode upon their return. Lastly, there is a 5 minute delay on closing the gate is executed to allow the homeowners to exit the property smoothly. Remote access is available via the app on tablet, smart phone or PC , allowing the homeowner to put the heating on or the house into home mode in advance of their return.

Architect – Haden Emslie Architects
Designer – Sue Naumann Designs
Builder – Trinity Construction
Electrician – Alpine Electric

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