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iGuzzini Light Experience

As debuted in global cities like Milan, New York, Paris and Shanghai, the seventh iGuzzini Light Experience in the world has officially opened inside the ECC Showroom in Auckland. Architecturally in sync with its international counterparts, the interactive and virtual space has been cleverly designed to take the user through a first-hand exploration to see, touch and feel iGuzzini finesse.

This one of a kind digitally enhanced experience exists across three spaces and seven shows - Colour, graphic, shape, invisible, guiding, vertical and human light. iGuzzini’s lighting resources have been innovatively developed using a framework of digital tools to showcase all of the possibilities and applications of the product range.

Hundreds of light fittings are coordinated and programmed together to create a masterful presentation for its viewers while demonstrating comparison against its variations. Examples of how design techniques are implemented in some of the world’s most iconic buildings are also weaved into the show. 

With a deep focus on sound, colour, energy and emotion to be felt across the spaces, The Light Experience provokes insightful application in architectural design - educating and offering viewers an enhanced meaning of lighting design. Viewers are inspired to think inwardly about their lighting needs, and benefits of iGuzzini for their projects, whether for residential or large scale urban spaces. 

iGuzzini’s dedication and profound execution of fulfilling solutions within the lighting industry reinforces the importance to learn and experience this unique space. To discover a full breadth of light through an immersive and technological viewing, visit the ECC Showroom in Auckland.

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