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This single storey 260m2 private residential dwelling was designed to outdoor entertaining, modern look, family living and being unique.

The house concept led to modular style of building combining a series of gable roof lines with flat roof links, with the garage and living to the street with bedrooms to the rear boundary creating a hidden entertaining area between

The idea was to use modern materials and lines to provide a unique look to a fast-developing area and using gable roof with no overhangs, extended verge overhangs with boxed ends, Axon grooved panels and light horizontal cedar achieved this.

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IDSGN architecture is a modern architectural design practice with a new fresh look, approach to design and image.

At IDSGN we listen to our clients, taking the time to discuss your project, bringing experience, focus and expertise to develop the best design solution.

We know that each project is unique and no matter how big or small, our focus is on creating good design.

The team at IDSGN is an enthusiastic and talented group of designers with a depth of experience in both residential and commercial design.

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We specialize in creating designs that are unique to each individual. With knowledge gained, experience earned and working close with others in the industry, all designs merge innovation and practical thinking. This recipe along with the client’s confidence in us help create wonderful homes and structures.