The bach has been stretched from road side to cliff edge so that the journey from front door to living room, culminating in the ‘big view’, is through the house; along its spine. Along this journey the building form undulates into landscaped areas of green, providing contrast to the dark timber cladding.


Photos: Simon Devitt

DINZ Best Design Awards Bronze:

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Scarlet Architects was established in 2000 by architects Jane Aimer and Lindley Naismith. Subsequently they were joined by Mike Dowsett.

We believe that great work comes from a high level of personal creativity coupled with an in-depth understanding of the practical requirements of the project.                    

We work closely in conjunction with their clients to best meet the brief and to design in sympathy with the surrounding environment. We have a real interest in designing for a sustainable future.

Since 2004 we have received seven NZIA Local Awards and two NZIA New Zealand Awards for Architecture.