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Living in the bush

This home is tucked away in the Wellington bush, lush and private. The outside is brought in with lots of house plants and colour to mimic the bush outside. The lounge space accommodates a large solid timber dining table set in the light-filled window space. Deep green on the walls compliments the vintage furniture and basket weave light fittings. And the client's sentimental objects, art and house plants create an eclectic and homely space. Beauty you live in. 

Photography Credit: Jeff McEwan - Capture Studios

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Soft drapes filter light into the living space at different times of day. Heartwood oak flooring brings additional warmth.
Simple basket-weave light shades and to the crafted feel of this home.
A large 60's fireplace and existing front door was removed to enlarge this room, and allow more light in through a new window to match.
A turn of the century oak washstand with detailed panelling and turned legs looks amazing with walls in Resene 'Scrub' and soft linen curtains.
Eclectic collections.
A large homely sofa for a growing family, separates the living from dining and kitchen spaces.
Obligatory Monstera Deliciosa.
Stunning large artwork was accommodated back into the lounge design.