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Lucerne Road

The client brief was to construct an entertainment/viewing deck for Parties. The deck needed to mirror the pool shape making the deck and pool form a square. We needed to create a deck that appeared to be floating.

We had complete control of the deck design which needed to be canter-levered and kept as environmentally friendly as possible.  The new approach in ethical deck building introduced me to a new technique in support bases.   

The client agreed to consider the environment on the build. They allowed me to use decking that came from a sustainable grower and a company that only supplied trade decking that also had the same sustainability in mind. Access for machinery and equipment led me to use Stop digging NZ.

I collaborated with Stop digging NZ who carried out the pile supports for this project. They use ground screws of varying lengths depending on how high off the ground you want your deck.

The screws need no concrete or any cement and barely disturb the ground. Ground screws are rated for approximately 70 years.

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