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Pearsons Road

The client brief was to

  • Create a pergola that added an indoor-outdoor flow to the existing home.
  • Make the structure proportionate to the large scale of the house and deck.
  • Design  connection points from beams to posts that were invisible
  • Maintain a high level of strength for the stand-alone structure.

We needed to co-ordinate the stages.

  • Cast the 180mm x180mm laminate posts 1.4 meters deep with 6/ 7barrows of concrete per post. 
  • Pre-cut and mortice all joins and hidden bracket locations
  • Operate a mechanical lifter to lift the heavy beams into position while connecting beams to post.

A roofed section was incorporated into the end of the pergola which was framed out and and the ceiling was made to mirror the inside ceiling

We used Glu Lam laminated beams with two beams spanning 5.8 meters.

It was required to have a 12mm arch to provide a canter-lever for sag over that distance.

We worked closely with the client to ensure the concept plan matched the build.

We collaborated with Humphrys Landscapes who contracted us to bring the concept to life.

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