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Qantas Luminescent Longreach

An immersive media installation set amongst the classic aircraft on display at the Qantas Founders Museum in Outback Queensland. The experience combines projection mapping with 3D sound, programmable lighting and practical effects to create a true all-weather theatre in the round.  

Buchan’s Brand Experience (Bx) team was engaged to design and install a permanent theatrical installation for the Museum, and write, direct and produce the launch content to celebrating Qantas’ Centenary at its birthplace. The 640m² canvas moves between the Museum’s classic DC3, Super Constellation, 707 and iconic 747.  

Qantas’ rich history is the subject of the launch show, telling the story of how the airline’s founders came to meet, and the events that propelled them to invent one of the world’s first commercial airlines in remote Outback Queensland. 

It charts their progress from the First World War and Great Air Race through many challenges and triumphs to the present day. The influence of indigenous culture is also acknowledged, from a spectacular Welcome to Longreach to the recreation of the internationally famous ‘Wunala Dreaming’ livery.  

Since launch the show has captivated patrons, increasing visitation to the Museum and bolstering Longreach’s tourism offering supporting growth in the area.

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Qantas Founders Museum - Luminescent Longreach

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