Mahia Beach House - Julian Guthrie Architecture | ArchiPro

The house is located on a remote coastal site and has vast ocean views to the north and east but is also very exposed to storms from these directions.

The design concept is a low single level home wrapped around a sheltered central courtyard space. The building is a modern interpretation of a pa, with a continuous series of timbered screens fortifying the house when in closed position. This idea is both a gesture to the remote headland position, and a practical method to protect the building, both when unoccupied, and in use from the weather experienced.

The courtyard functions as both an outdoor living space and a circulation space to all the parts of the house. All major rooms connect directly to both the exterior and to the internal courtyard. This provides sun into all parts of the house from varying orientations throughout the day and sheltered openings in all wind directions.

All external and internal doors are sliding, permitting varying degrees of openness and filtering of wind and sun through the slatted external screens. Interior spaces read as alcoves off the courtyard rather than separate rooms, blurring the distinction between interior and exterior.

The building materials palette comprises polished concrete, natural timber and rendered masonry.

Photography by: Patrick Reynolds.

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