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Man cave in Riverhead

While one may be quick to label it a ‘man cave’, the level of finish on the interior of this shed is anything but cave-like.

Owner Dave Curtis originally needed somewhere to house his cars without having to worry about dust or other garage grime. Lining the classic Kiwi steel shed to make it airtight and dust-free was the starting point – but as a bit of a self-confessed ‘fussy guy’, he was after something that also looked good. 

‘I was having a look around for products and came across PlyPlay, and thought that it would be great for what I wanted to achieve. So I chose Blonde Ambition for the ceiling, and Double Trouble for the walls – they were the colours I liked, and it ended up looking pretty smart.’

Enlisting the help of a builder friend, Nick Martin, Dave was happy to be the hammer hand. Their first task was to frame up the shed walls with timber and line them with insulation, before attaching the PlyPlay using No More Nails. They used string lines to ensure the sheets were straight, which helped keep the gap between each piece of PlyPlay to a minimum. Nick also used a finishing gun to nail it all in securely. 

The ceiling was a bit trickier, but, with the help of some scaffolding and a laser level, everything soon looked good up above eye-level too. 

At 170 square metres it was a pretty big job (the largest shed that PlyPlay has been a part of), but Dave is more than chuffed with the final result. Complete with garage carpet, kitchen, heat pump and bathroom, it is also decked out with typical man-cave fixtures (a bar, pool table, sport and music memorabilia) and is soon to be home to a personal gym as well.    

Dave also knows it’s perfect for a few parties. The soundproof batts have been well and truly tested, and the PlyPlay certainly helps with that as well.



Project: shed reline
Builder: Nick Martin
Photos: Bryce Carleton
Copywriting: Folio

PlyPlay can be purchased from CARTERS.

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