This inner Melbourne home exhibits the sleek, square-set aesthetic brought to life by EZ Concept® architectural systems. The overarching vision for the house created by MPR Design and Build is defined by a continuous flow between rooms – unobstructed by superfluous detailing and enhanced with minimalistic flush swing doors and cavity sliders throughout the house. This extends all throughout the 4-bedroom house, complete with 2 bathrooms and even a gym!

The EZ Concept team sought to achieve the best possible flush door solutions for the project in collaboration with MPR. From arranging custom sizing for opening jambs to solving complex construction problems, the team were available for assistance throughout. The result – this 741m2 block has been transformed into a show-stopping modern triumph.

Bold Bedrooms

EzyJamb® Single Rebate (SRC) door jambs frame each of the openings to the house’s four bedrooms. The atmosphere of the hallway seamlessly transitions to the bedrooms thanks to the  Full Height doors. These floor-to-ceiling frames ensure that each room feels interconnected. The EZ Concept team made these jambs custom to fit the client’s specifications and accommodate for their height and width requirements.

Boundless Bathrooms

The highlight of the bathroom is its timber finish seen from the floorboards to the cupboards. The door opening gives room for these elements to shine as the frameless jamb slips into this space without breaking the minimalist feel of its surrounding.

Installed with RocYork® Lift Off Hinges, the EzyJamb frames accommodate for doors such as this that require a service gap.

Architectural Flow with EZ Concept

EZ Concept systems can be seen in various other rooms – allowing the house’s modern aesthetic to stream through. The EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC) frames the Study door – maintaining the minimalist detail of the hallways whilst open and concealing the opening when closed. This same stunning result can be seen in the opening to the upstairs Gym. The design of the house ties together wonderfully through this consistency in architectural openings.

This Melbourne house exhibits all the hallmarks of clean-line modern architecture – innovatively realised with EZ Concept architectural finishing systems. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project at or 1300 399 526.

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Modern Melbourne Home
Modern Melbourne Home
Modern Melbourne Home
Modern Melbourne Home
Modern Melbourne Home
Modern Melbourne Home

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