Rammed earth and timber home, Three Mile Bush Road, Whangarei

“We wanted our new home to fit in with its natural surroundings, and be as toxin free and healthy as possible. Having a low carbon footprint was also important to us, so we wanted to use local suppliers and materials where possible. With this in mind, rammed earth construction was an obvious choice, and we complemented this with recycled materials, and locally sourced timber, finished with natural oils.

Our design brief was for a home that’s functional, warm and inviting, and we believe our home meets that brief perfectly. The large, central, open plan living area lets us host our extended family and friends with ease. The kids and grown-ups each have their own wing, giving everyone their own space to relax and play.

Thanks to its clever design, the house takes advantage of thermal mass. The sun heats up the concrete floor, and the rammed earth walls help keep the house an even temperature, so it’s warm in winter and cool in summer. There is minimal reliance on power for heating, and very low running and maintenance costs overall.”– Sam & Sandra

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Modern Earth Homes was established in 2017 by Sam and Sandra McGregor. Sam has extensive experience with rammed earth and sustainable building methods. Over the years, he has come to love creating homes for people that are unique and represent the individuality of his clients, using natural building materials and techniques. Sam developed a passion for the solid, warm, dry nature of rammed earth and chose this method to build a beautiful home for his family.

When Sam and Sandra decided to build their own rammed earth home, they didn’t just want a home that was healthy and comfortable. They wanted to build it with minimal environmental impact, with an emphasis on natural building materials and techniques. It was through the process of building their own rammed earth home that the philosophy of Modern Earth Homes was born.