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Pine Harbour Residential Development

Pine Harbour, a marina in Beachlands served by a growing ferry business, is recognised as a transit-oriented development, with medium-density zoning enabled within walking distance of the ferry service. This development bookends 3 gabled four-bedroom, tandem garage units with two blocks of 2 & 3 joined 2-bedroom units, to provide an eightunit attached block of terraces, viewed as one development. 

The given platforms, unit size and end-of-block locations largely predetermined the site layout options. At a net site density of 60 units per hectare, the development has a relatively high density. The gabled ends and one middle unit provide a traditional roofscape, and enclosed garaging with the low-roof-pitched 2 bedroom units in the middle location providing a relatively neutral eave to the front and rear elevations, with recessed building lines at entries to provide sheltered entries and building breaks in the elevations. 

Carpads are provided for the 2-bedroom units with a modest 115m2 site area making the units firmly affordable in this location. 

Services Provided

• Urban Design
• Design Management
• Architectural Design
• Resource Consent

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