The original pool was placed very close to the family room as the slope of the section was severe necessitating the pool to be in close proximity to the house. The pool was a small and kidney-shaped design which was made redundant to the owners. 

Our brief was to build a structure to support a lap pool and associated hardwood decking with easy access to the house overlooking the Auckland harbour and while catching the early morning sun. A lot of planning and Geo-Tech investigation was required for the engineers to come up with a design that could safely support a pool with a section that was sharply dropping away. 

Our first task was to protect the stone paving and build a work platform and then demolish the existing pool and backfill with strict guidelines laid down by the engineer and geotechnical staff. The foundations for the blockwork which formed the support structure for the pool involved many hours of hand digging the bank as a machine could no access the site, however, once the heavy work was completed and the traditional building work began the project quickly took shape. 

Watershed vital decking was used around the pool supported by H3.2 joists spanning out across the steep slope. The glass screen is designed to avoid any obstruction of the breathtaking view to the harbour when resting in the pool with the elbows propped on the edge of the timber deck.

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