Project Timber: The Highlands, Waipu



Secluded Retreat with Captivating Coastal Views: Magic of The Highlands Build in Waipu

Discover a hidden gem in Waipu, where nature and design harmoniously coexist. This four-module build, connected by a pergola and decking, is a testament to the fusion of natural beauty and architecture. Crafted with care by the experts at @makespace_build, this 168sqm retreat showcases a selection of JSC products such as a striking dark vertical shiplap cladding on the exterior and warm Western Red Cedar walls and ceilings to provide a contrast to the darker finishes and appliances. The end result? A versatile space perfect for gatherings throughout the year.

The Home’s Layout
In crafting this masterpiece, Makespace Build has not only created a stunning living space but is also a testament to their dedication to creating homes that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. From material selection to floor plan functionality, every detail is meticulously curated to provide an experience that will be cherished for years to come. “A spot that is pure magic with incredible views from every angle.” Makespace Build

The Interior - Panelling & Sarking
Stepping inside, the space resonates with the warmth and character of Western Red Cedar. Its varied tones and distinctive grain patterns add a timeless charm, evoking a connection to nature that’s felt throughout. The Western Red Cedar Ceiling and wall panelling envelop the space with their rich, natural hues. Coated in JSC Scumble Wood Oil Clear which not only enhances the wood’s natural beauty but also provides essential protection against stains, moisture, and dust. It ensures that the timber remains as stunning as the day it is installed. The interplay of dark accents against the cedar panelling and finishes creates a captivating visual effect.

The Interior - Bathrooms & Kitchen
The kitchen exudes monochrome elegance, featuring premium appliances, a textured black slate benchtop, and subway tile splashback. This sleek design harmoniously complements the overall aesthetic, creating a space that’s both refined and functional. The contrast with the rich timber tones from the Western Red Cedar ceiling panelling adds a layer of warmth and depth. In the bathrooms, light-coloured tiles evoke a tranquil, beach-like ambiance. Custom features, including the classic recessed tiled channel drain, add a touch of sophistication. Premium fittings and fixtures merge beauty with practicality.

The Exterior
The defining exterior feature, the JSC TMT Taxon cladding, creates a striking contrast against the vibrant backdrop. Its soft, even-grained appearance, characterised by minimal knots and deeper chocolate tones, forms a visual masterpiece. TMT Taxon has enhanced durability and stability, due to the thermal modification process which ensures longevity. Its resistance to fungal decay and moisture retention make it an ideal choice for both interior linings and exterior cladding. Through thermal modification, abundant and sustainable natural timber resources are utilised, extending the timber’s lifespan and effectively sequestering carbon. Remarkably, the durability of TMT is achieved solely through controlled heat, without the use of any chemicals in the treatment process, ensuring a sustainable and lasting choice for exposed building elements. Additionally, JSC Scumble Wood Oil, an advanced water-based product, contains natural plant-based oil ingredients with UV inhibitors, guaranteeing longer-lasting coatings and extended intervals between maintenance coats. Its high-quality pigments enhance durability and ensure a lasting finish, exemplifying a commitment to premium and low-maintenance solutions. This innovative approach not only ensures a stunning exterior finish but also aligns with the client’s vision of a low-maintenance yet premium and high-quality result, showcasing the seamless integration of aesthetics and practicality. JSC Scumble and TMT Taxon perfectly aligned with the clients’ brief of low maintenance while upholding a premium, high-quality finish, thanks to their characteristics that blend elegance with practicality.

“We work with JSC on all our Makespace builds - we value their range of high-quality products that complement the design of our modular dwellings. Our clients & team also see the value & benefits in JSC’s thermally modified timber range accompanied with their great technical support & customer service.” Makespace Build.

Design: Makespace Build

Photographer: Jake Pears-Scown

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Project Timber: The Highlands, Waipu

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