The brief for this Northcote family bathroom was to create a space that was bright, colourful and functioned for a family of three. Our clients love bright colours and wanted a space that would reflect their personality and be a warm and inviting bathroom, they did not want a cookie cutter concrete look bathroom. The original bathroom was quite dated in fixtures and was seriously lacking some storage and light. The over all footprint of the bathroom is quite small so we needed to make clever decisions on how we were going to maximise storage with out changing the layout of the services and bring this gloomy bathroom up to date. 

We initially started with some 3D renders so our clients could get a good feel of the envisioned space, we worked with a few different ideas of how to inject colour into the space and refined it back to a bright yellow recess above the bath and a custom built vanity and mirror. The custom built vanity played a crucial role in this project as it was key to improving storage and was carefully crafted with 30mm side panels to ensure the draw didn't intercept with the door frame.

The original bathroom did have a seperate shower and bath which emphasised how small the space was as the bath was so small that it was really only useable for children. By going with a shower over a grand 1800 sized bath, we have created a space that now looks a lot larger and can be enjoyed by the whole family. For the shower/bath recess we selected a stunning yellow Italian mosaic and colour matched Resene's colour Turbo to be the lacquer finish for the vanity to create a consistent scheme which the clients absolutely love!

Our clients originally had a wall hung toilet with internal wall cistern and really liked how large it made the space feel and was ideal for easy cleaning. We kept the wall hung toilet concept and updated the fixtures to match with the rest of the bathroom fittings. 

For the floor tile we selected this beautiful Spanish tile which is porcelain and has the finish and look of a natural limestone. The speckled texture hides any dirt between cleaning and the matte finish is very practical for a family bathroom with young children as it provides a non-slip surface. This tile was the perfect choice for our bathroom as it is light in colour, this maximises the appearance of space and the warm tone compliments our feature mosaic.

This bathroom has stunning high ceilings; we really wanted a cabinet mirror that was going to emphasise that and reflect as much light as possible from the newly installed horizontal window. By designing a custom cabinet we were able to get the exact dimensions that we wanted with extra height, and double the amount of storage space we would of got from a store brought cabinet mirror. We also added in a floating shelf below the vanity as the client wanted a space to store extra towels and had extra power points added inside the mirror cabinet and below the vanity. 


For all of our tap ware and accessories finishes we selected a brushed nickel finish which is similar to a brushed chrome except it has a slight golden undertone to it, it is subtle selections like these that help add that feeling of warmth to a bathroom.

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